DIY FG085 DDS Digital Synthesis Function Generator Kit With Panel

ELF EF06126

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  • The output signal types: sine, square, triangle, positive and negative sawtooth, positive and negative staircase, user-defined arbitrary waveforms, and servo control signal
  • Frequency range: 0 - 200KHz (sine)
  • Frequency resolution: 1Hz
  • Frequency accuracy: 0.149Hz (when F> 40Hz time), 0.000596Hz (when F <= 40Hz time)
  • Cycle Resolution: 1ms
  • Amplitude range: 0 - 10V pp
  • Amplitude accuracy: 0.1V
  • DC offset range: -5V - + 5V
  • DC offset Accuracy: 40mV
  • Waveform memory depth: 256 bytes
  • Maximum sample rate: 2.5Msps
  • Trigger Input Level: High 3.5V (minimum), low 1.5V (maximum)
  • When the trigger waveform output delay: less than 5 subtle
  • Synchronous output: TTL level
  • Output Impedance: 50 ohm
  • Power supply voltage: 15V DCSupply Current: <150mA (no load)


  1. The output frequency is set to 5KHz, key operation: [F / T] [5] [KHz]
  2. The output amplitude is set to 3V peak to peak, key operation: [AMP] [3] [V]
  3. The DC offset is set to -2.5V, key operation: [OFS] [+/-] [2] [5] [V] [.]

The main operating modes:

  • Fixed-frequency mode (CW)
  • Sweep mode (SWEEP)
  • Servo signal patterns (SERVO)

Package included:

  • 1 x FG085 DDS Digital Synthesis Function Generator Kit With Panel 


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