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BOOK BP771 - Python Coding on the BBC micro:bit


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Python is a leading programming language, easy to learn and widely used by professional programmers. This book uses MicroPython, a version of Python adapted for the BBC micro:bit.

This book is written using plain English and avoiding technical jargon wherever possible and covers many of the coding instructions and methods which are common to most programming languages. It should be helpful to beginners of any age, whether planning a career in computing or writing code as an enjoyable hobby. 

 Among the many topics covered are:

  • The main features of the BBC micro:bit including a simulation in a
    Web browser screen.
  • The various levels of programming languages.
  • The Mu Editor for writing, saving and retrieving programs, with sample programs and practice exercises.
  • REPL, an interactive program for quickly testing lines of code.
  • Scrolling messages, creating and animating images on the micro:bit’s LEDs.
  • Playing and creating music, sounds and synthesized speech.
  • Using the on-board accelerometer to detect movement of the micro:bit on 3 axes.
  • A glossary of computing terms.
  • Author: Jim Gatenby
  • 128 pages
  • Soft cover paperback pocket book
Measures128 x 198 x 7 mm


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