Coronavirus Summer 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is going by for now. We have given up or loosened on many restrictions. But new infections still comes on daily basis. Time will tell how things will develop.

We have opened Partco store starting on Monday 8.6. Our request to you is that if visiting our store, please keep distance to others.


Partco store is open from Mon to Friday at 8-17. Exception to this is Juhannus, we will close on Thursday 18.6. at 15:00. We are closed for Friday 19.6.

Webshop webshop is up and running as usual. We prefer you to use our 24/7 pick-up machine.

All Partco webshop orders over 50 € (including VAT) will get a free delivery.

Customer service

Partco technical service operating hours has been expanded to 8.00-17.00 (Mon-Fri). The phone number in Finland is 0600 133 20 (0,51 €/min).

The customer service e-mail address is


Our production service will take a summer brake for 27.7-16.8.
Please place your orders in June to

Take care of yourself and of others!