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LED Music Frequency Spectrum Display Soldering Kit

ELF EF10087

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LED Music Frequency Spectrum Dispay Soldering Kit is a set of accessories to make an LED Music Frequency Spectrum Display. This small LED MFS Display can not only present audio signal on its panel directly, but also bring us a visually beautiful view. It can be called at a certain level LED MFS Display endows music a dynamic beauty.


  • Specified audio frequency spectrum display drive core with built-in multiple decode algorithm
  • Multiple working mode selection enable users to set functions according to requirement
  • Single(12*11):
  • Single voice channel working mode can display more frequency spectrum
  • Simple circuit design with stable performance
  • No reset circuit and crystal oscillator, illiminate LED without limit current
  • 12*11 big metric dot display(132dots):
  • Memory function, preserve parameters set by users forever.


  • Working Voltage: 5V USB power supply
  • Working Current: 220ma (Max)
  • Signal Input:3.5 Audio Cable Input
  • Installation: DIY Soldering Assembly
  • Net Weight: 130g(with shell), 67g(without shell)
  • Size: 109*15*70mm


Measures109 x 15 x 70 mm
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Manufacturer's modelElecfreaks EF10087

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