ESP8266 NodeMCU IOT Kit (Crowtail)


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  • Lesson1: LED Control
  • Lesson2: Button Control LED
  • Lesson3: Moisture Sensor
  • Lesson4: Vibration Motor
  • Lesson5: Emergency Light
  • Lesson6: Raining detect
  • Lesson7: Flame detect
  • Lesson8: Motion Detect
  • Lesson9: Hall Switch
  • Lesson10 Breathing Lamp
  • Lesson11 Laser Pointer
  • Lesson12: One Wire Waterproof Temperature Sensor
  • Lesson13: Rainbow Light
  • Lesson14 MOSFET Control Fan
  • Lesson15: Read Data From ADXL345 Digital Accelerometer Sensor
  • Lesson16: Servo Control
  • Lesson17: TWO NodeMCU Communication
  • Lesson18: DHT11 Temperature Display System
  • Lesson19: Wireless Toliet Led Indicator

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Measures232 x 162 x 60 mm
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Manufacturer's modelElecrow CT0917KIT

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