M8 Transistor Tester LCR diode triode ESR capacitor testing PWM LED V. 1602

ELF EF06128

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This is a tester that is smarter than multi-meter. It is a good helper for electronic fans. It has powerful functions, and can auto judge the type, pin definitions and parameters of many commonly used components. The auto measurement can be done just by one press-down on the button. The battery powered design makes it easy to carry and you could even bring it with you to shops to choose the components needed. It can also be connected with external power supply, which makes your indoor test more economic and convenient! It is a necessary equipment for HAMs. With this one thing, you will have everything!

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Voltage: Direct Current, 5.5-12V (9V 6F22 Battery is adopted for design)
  • Working Current: 13mA (18mA during the test)
  • PCB Size: 80*80 mm

Main Function:

1.   Measurement could be done by just one press on the button, and it could automatically shut down when delayed. The turning-off current is as little as 20nA and it is also could be powered by battery.

2.   It could auto detect bipolar transistor of PNP and NPN types, MOSFET with N/P channel, JFET, diode, pair diode, thyristor, resistor, capacitor and inductor. It can automatically detect the pin definition, HFE (β) of the transistor and VEBO (Uf). Darlington transistor could be detected by voltage of high threshold value and high HFE.

3.   It could detect the protection diode inside the pair diode and MOSFET and display the result on the screen. It could detect threshold voltage and gate capacitance.

4.   Support of test for two resistors, and the potentiometer could also be tested. The highest resolution in testing the resistor is 0.1Ω, the highest value could reach up to 50M Ω.

5.   Test of capacitor ranges from 25pf to 100mF (100000UF). The resolution can reach up to 1pf. It could test ESR with capacitance greater than 0.09UF, and resolution 0.01Ω. It could display the voltage loss value and has an additional function of measuring capacitance and ESR on the circuit, which helps you identify and repair the stoppage very easily.

6.   The test of inductor ranges from 0.01MH-20H, otherwise the tester will take the inductor as resistor. Same as the DC resistance value of the inductor is higher than 2100Ω.

7.   It could show the correct direct sign of two diodes, and meanwhile the forward voltage drop. LED will be detected as diode, the forward voltage drop will be higher than normal value. Double LED will be detected as pair diodes. LED will be lighted when detected, which is very illustrious.

8.   Usually the test will take 2 seconds. Equipments with higher capacitance and inductance will take longer time.

9.   Additional Functions:

1)    Square Wave Generator: selectable square wave embedded in the tester with a frequency range between 1HZ-2MHZ.

2)    Pulse Width Modulation: it could generate 1-99% pulse width modulating signal.

3)    Frequency Counter: It could detect frequency signals of 1HZ-25KHZ, or even higher, at which point the accuracy will be affected a little bit and you need to expand this function by your own.

Notes:  Never use soldering paste in the making of electronics, which, without further ado, should’ve become the common sense in your knowledge system. Soldering paste is acidic and corrosive. Rosin is a good choice.



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Manufacturer's modelElecfreaks EF06128
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