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ELF EF03035

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Perustuu PCA9555 16-kanavaiseen I2C-ohjattuun IO-piiriin. Sopii 5V käyttöön.

IIC GPIO Module can achieve communication through Arduino two IIC data lines (SDA / SCL) with our IIC GPIO module, thus convert the readable and writable 16 channel digital I / O port. In addition, 8 modules can be simultaneously in parallel, and each module can be set to different IIC address, through which you could parallel multiple modules for data acquisition and control according to the demand of project digital ports.

Connection: VCC-5V GND-GND SDA-A4 SCL-A5 (INT for I / O interrupt interface)

A0, A1, A2 for setting different IIC addresses when connected in parallel with other modules(0X20-0X27).

Operating Voltage:


  • Module power supply: +5V
  • 16 Digital IO port comes with internal pull-up
  • Can be set to eight addresses (address range of 0x20 ~ 0x27)
  • 8 modules simultaneously in parallel (IIC bus need to pull together)
  • Module Size: 42x34mm

Package List:

  • 1 x IIC GPIO Module


Please visit Elecfreaks wiki page for more info about this product. It will be appreciated if you can help us improve the documents, add more demo code or tutorials.

Huom! IO-linjoissa 1kohm sarjavastukset. Osoitteen A0-A2 asetus jumppereilla. Liitännät piikkirimoin (SVG). Jännitesyöttö ruuviliitoksella.

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