Kitronik RAKENNUSSARJA: Electronic Game Kit

KTR 1003

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11,60 €

2 games in 1 kit: Memory Game and Reactions Game. The kit has four buttons and four LEDs, controlled by a pre-programmed PIC. Blister retail packaging.

This kit has four buttons and LEDs to make up a game, which can be used as both a memory game and a reactions game. A PIC micro-controller, pre-programmed with special software controls the game.

The on / off switch and battery pack mount directly onto the board allowing it to be used as built or alternatively it can be housed into an enclosure of your own design.


  • 2 Games in 1 kit.
  • Compact PCB design.
Mitat58 x 58 mm
Tarkempi kuvaus
Valmistajan malliKitronik 1003, Kitronik 2103

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