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Teltonika RUT240 - erittäin suosittu teollinen 4G LTE Wi-Fi -reititin ammattimaisiin M2M- ja IoT-sovelluksiin.


Tämä tuote on EOL. Saatavuutta on vielä 31.7.2023 asti tilausten muodossa. Ohjelmistopäivityksiä tarjotaan 30.6.2024 ja kriittisiä tietoturvapäivityksiä aina 31.12.2025 asti. Korvaavat mallit ovat RUT241 ja RUT200.


  • RUT240 is an all-time bestseller industrial 4G LTE Wi-Fi router for professional M2M & IoT applications.
  • It delivers high performance for mission-critical cellular communication in rigorous environments.
  • RUT240 is widely used for 4G backup, Remote Connection, Advanced VPN, and tunneling services in IoT networking solutions.
  • WAN failover ensures automatic switch to alternative backup connection in case of any connectivity issues.
  • The Wi-Fi is functional in both: Access point and Station mode at the same time

Key features

  • Connectivity - 4G/LTE (Cat 4), 3G, 2G
  • Compactness - Small size – easy integration
  • WAN failover - Automatic switching to available backup connection
  • I/O - Digital Input/Output for remote monitoring and control
  • WiFi - Wireless Access Point with Hotspot functionality
  • RMS - Compatible with Teltonika Remote Management System


  • Mobile: 4G/LTE (Cat 4), 3G, 2G
  • CPU: Atheros, MIPS 24Kc, 400 MHz
  • Memory: 16 MBytes Flash, 64 MBytes RAM
  • Powering option: 4 pin power socket, 9-30 VDC
  • SIM: 1 x External SIM holder (2FF)
  • Antenna connectors: 2 x SMA for mobile, 1 x RP-SMA for WiFi
  • Ethernet: 2 x 10/100 Ethernet ports: 1 x WAN (configurable as LAN), 1 x LAN
  • WiFi: IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Access point (AP), Station (STA)
  • Inputs/Outputs: On 4 pin socket: 1 x Digital input, 1 x Digital open collector output
  • Status LEDs: 3 x Connection type, 5 x Signal strength, 2 x Ethernet, 1 x Power
  • Operating temperature: -40 °C to 75 °C
  • Housing: Aluminium housing with DIN rail mounting option, plastic panels
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 83 x 25 x 74 mm
  • Weight: 135g

Note! This model is equipped with Quectel cellular module.


  • Operating system: RutOS (OpenWrt based Linux OS)
  • Mobile features: Auto APN, Band lock
  • Network protocols: TCP, UDP, IPv4, IPv6, ICMP, NTP, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, SSLv3, TLS 1.3, ARP, PPP, PPPoE, DHCP, Telnet
  • Network: Failover (Network backup), VLAN, QoS, Load Balancing
  • Security: DDOS prevention (SYN flood protection, SSH attack prevention, HTTP/HTTPS attack prevention), Port scan prevention (SYN-FIN, SYN-RST, X-mas, NULL flags, FIN scan attacksw
  • VPN and tunneling: OpenVPN, IPsec, GRE, PPTP, L2TP, Stunnel, DMVPN, SSTP
  • Monitoring and management: WEB UI, CLI, SSH, SMS, TR-069, SNMP, JSON-RPC, MQTT, RMS
  • Connection monitoring: Ping Reboot, Wget reboot, Periodic Reboot, LCP and ICMP for link inspection
  • Cloud solutions: RMS, FOTA, Telenor, Azure IoT Hub, Cloud of Things, Cumulocity, ThingWorx
  • SMS features: SMS status, SMS configuration, Send/Read SMS via HTTP POST/GET, EMAIL to SMS, SMS to Email, SMS to HTTP, SMS to SMS, scheduled SMS, SMS autoreply, SMPP
  • Services: DDNS, VRRP, Wake On Lan (WOL), WEB filter, UPNP, Traffic Logging

Standard package contains

  • Router RUT240
  • 9 W PSU
  • 2 x LTE antennas (swivel, SMA male)
  • 1 x WiFi antenna (swivel, RP-SMA male)
  • Ethernet cable (1.5 m)
  • SIM Adapter kit
  • QSG (Quick Start Guide)
  • RMS Flyer
  • Packaging box



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ValmistajaTeltonika Networks
Valmistajan malli RUT24006E000 (Quectel)
Tehdastoimitusaika3 viikkoa
Mitat83 x 25 x 74 mm
IP suojausluokkaIP30
Muisti RAM64MB

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