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Arduino MKR IoT Carrier Rev2 (ABX00073)

ARD ABX00073

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Arduino ABX00073 - The perfect tool for your next IoT project based on MKR boards. All in one carrier compatible with all the MKR family.

With this carrier in combination with any board from the MKR family, you can quickly create your next IoT project without any extra components. This carrier has all you need in sensors and actuators to create cool projects connected to the Internet.

Using the MKR IoT Carrier Rev2 in combination with any board of the MKR family, you can quickly build:

  • Environment monitoring stations: Using the sensors on the carrier, you can map different phenomena around you. You can easily measure temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and air quality or detect the movement of the board, and in case you want to expand the sensor you can use any of the grove connectors to connect analog or I2C grove compatible modules. All this information can be stored in the SD card or sent directly to the Arduino IoT Cloud.
  • GUI IoT interface: Even if you want to visualize sensor data or design your own user interface, you can use the OLED color display to create your own navigation menus or use the LEDs and the buzzer for feedback.
  • Control external devices: Control electronic appliances up to 24 Volts using the two on-board relays. Either you want to turn on or off your reading lamp remotely through the Arduino IoT Cloud Remote app or use any of the sensor data to affect the behavior of the lamp.

Tech specs

Humidity, temperature barometric and VOC sensorBME688
Ambient light, proximity, color and gesture sensorAPDS-9960
Capacitive buttons5 (Qtouch Pad)
ActuatorsBuzzer, 5 RGB LEDs
24V Relays2 (V23079)
Grove connectors2 connected to analog pins (A0/A6), 1 connected to I2C
Micro SD card slotMicro SD card not included
Battery holder18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery (battery not included)



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