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    Books on electronics, DIY,making and coding.

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    Books on electronics, DIY,making and coding.

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      As soldering is now part of many hobbies, especially electronics and modelling, it is essential that this myth be destroyed. In this book, the author has tried to dissolve the mysteries that surround the subject so that it can be enjoyed and become a part of the individual hobby and not be regarded as a problem.

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      Babani Electronics Books - BP44 - IC 555 Projects. Included in this book are basic and general circuits, motor car and model railway circuits, alarms and noise makres as well as a section on 556, 558 and 559 timers. A reference book of invaluable use to all those who have any interest in electronics, be they professional engineers or designers, students...

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      Mike Tooley’s new book shows how the micro:bit can be used in a wide range of applications that include simple domestic gadgets to more complex control systems such as those used for lighting, central heating and security applications. Using Microsoft Code Blocks, the book provides a progressive introduction to coding as well as interfacing with sensors...

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      Python is a leading programming language, easy to learn and widely used by professional programmers. This book uses MicroPython, a version of Python adapted for the BBC micro:bit.

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      Learn how to get started with Particle dev tools and follow along with guided Photon projects.

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      Raspberry Pi Cookbook by Simon Monk

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      What can you do with the Raspberry Pi, the affordable computer the size of a credit card? All sorts of things! If you’re learning how to program—or looking to build new electronic parts—“Getting Started with Raspberry Pi” will show you just how valuable that flexible little platform can be.

      34,90 €
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      Getting Started with Python.

      26,40 €
    Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items