Tips how-to order

Buying from Partco webshop is modernly easy. Just browse or search for products and click them to your shopping cart. Finally go to check-out. Do your last adjustments and choose the delivery and payment methods you prefer. The webshop informs you by email the current status of your order. If you choose to pick it up, you will receive a specific email when we are ready handling it. We will contact you if there is anything to be asked or verified from your party.

Please note that order can not be changed after placing it.

Why can't I find anything from here

To the top menu we have collected the main product areas we have in stock. But work is still in progress. When browsing categories, the left column includes a view of more complete product category tree. There's also a complete view of the categories tree in Sitemap page.

You may also use the search. It will search your string from product reference, product name, category name, product descriptions, manufacturers name, product features and predetermined keywords.

If you can't find any products you are looking, feel free and contact us using the contact form, by phone, email or chat.

Products and product information

If you don't check in or you are checked in as a Private party, all the prices are shown including vat tax (in Finland 24% for goods and services). For business accounts all prices are shown vat excluded. Prices shown here are only for web shop orders. We tend to keep them same as prices in our store. Some web shop campaigns may differ from this. We reclaim the right for prices changes.

The current stock quantity is not shown directly in product pages. You may order products that are marked as sold out. Most items available are refilled in weekly basis. Products marked as out sale only can't be added to your shoppnig cart even thought they are still visible in web shop. If we have issues considering delivery, we always try contact you before making any shipments.

If you find any misinformation or lack of product information we provide in product pages, please let us know. We are also kean to hear your opinion about our service. Please use the contact form located in the upper area.

Shopping cart

The contents of your shooping cart is saved in database and the cookie saved to your browser is key of accessing the saved cart. Not logging in to your account. This means that you can't use same cart contents from different computers or browser brands.

Do I have to register to order?

You don't have to register to our web shop, but to handle your order we need all the same information as when making a personal or business account.

Please use a valid and working email address for your account. Broken email addresses just cause trouble. And for some delivery methods your phone number is essential.

Delivery methods

For smallest type of orders By their weight and size, we use a letter if you want one. But - there's no tracking with letter. That's with they are prohibited if the order total is over 25€.

The system let's you choose from the various delivery option available for your shopping cart, but sometimes things go wrong. Please use your common sense when choosing a compliant package size and type for your delivery.

Pick-up machine

It's free for you to collect your order from our store or pick-up machine. There's no hidden costs.

Our pick-up machine is located in our store at Juurakkotie 5 B, 01510 Vantaa. It's open 24/7. After we place your order to it, you will receive a SMS text message with unlock code. Use that code to open the front door with a asterisk (*) after the number.  Then enter the hall and use the same code without asterisk to open the machice door. In case of technical difficulties, please contact rou customer service.

Corona exception! You should pick up in three days after receiving the SMS message.

Payment methods

We provide varous of payment methods By Paytrail payment portal.

For business we can do invoicing. Please provide your billing information and VAT-number when registering a business account.

Order confimation

You should receive By email a order confirmation straight way and various status updates later on.

If you don't receive an order confirmation by email, you may download it from your account under My Account and Order History.