Farnell brokerage

Order almost anything you can find in Farnell Finland's extensive range.

We act as a distributor for Farnell Finland. You can only order products from Farnell's European (England/Belgium) warehouses (not containing dangerous goods).

It is easy to search for products in stock in the European warehouse by ticking the boxes under the Products tab:

  • only immediately from stock products
  • do not use the extended range

Ordering instructions

  • we make a group order at least every week
  • Farnell goods to order you can add:
    • as a free-form comment to your e-commerce order when you place your order
    • separately as a contact request / by e-mail and if you want to include them in your e-commerce order, be sure to include the e-commerce order number
  • the order must specify
    • Farnell order code
    • quantity to be ordered
    • unit price of the product (marked 1+)
    • in addition to any conditions and wishes
  • take into account the possible minimum order quantity / multiples
  • we price as follows:
    • final unit price = "Farnell unit price" x 1,25 + ALV

Note! From 15.10.2020 we will add a handling fee of 5,00€ (4,03€ VAT 0%) for each order of intermediate products.

Note! We do not offer exchange or return rights for brokered products.

The order is binding under the conditions and pricing indicated, and processing may take several working days depending on the time.

An advance invoice will be sent for all brokerage products. Upon receipt of payment, we will order the products for delivery or collection.