Tips for business customers

What is Elgood Ltd / Partco?

Elgood Ltd's trading name is Partco, which is the name under which the PARTCO online shop and store is run. Elgood Oy focuses on B2B corporate sales in the technology sector, while Partco serves both companies and individuals as a small retailer.

About selection

The range of products in the online shop is constantly expanding. It may not have everything we have in stock. For example, you should always ask if you cannot find the right length of fibre optic in our online shop. In addition, we are able to supply the same delivery times quickly from our extensive network of suppliers.

Under the Representations / Wholesale sections you will find products from Elgood Ltd's direct factory contacts. These generally have minimum order quantities equivalent to wholesale. Many products also have a BLK-ended product code for unit sales.

About prices

Each product has a base price. In addition, a product may have a discounted price per item.

Before logging into your business account, all prices include VAT. After logging in to your business account, only prices excluding VAT tax are displayed.

Additional customer-specific discounted prices are not displayed separately but replace the basic price and the unit discounted price of the product.

Customer and product specific contract prices are technically under development.

How to order

When ordering online, business customers should create their own business account when placing their first order. This will provide us with the necessary billing and shipping information. Registration will also make it easier for you to do business in the future.

If you don't want to order online or if you can't find the products you need, you can always order by email or by phone.

How to create a business account

When creating a customer account in the online shop, the business customer must select Business Account as the account type. In addition, at the same time we hope to receive your billing information.

"Old" business customers of Elgood or Partco who have created a new e-commerce account will receive deliveries according to their previous payment terms.

I changed jobs, what should I do?

The best option is to create a new business account with your new information. Send us an email or use the contact form and we will anonymise your old business account.

Payment methods

For businesses, in addition to other payment methods, we offer invoicing with a default payment term of 14 days. However, we will check the various credit registers before the first billing cycle and later if there are any delays in payment. You should also contact us immediately in case of any exceptional circumstances. In urgent cases, please confirm by phone.

If the billing conditions we set for your company are not met, you can place an e-commerce order using the payment method "Invoice". In this case, we will send an invoice in advance or by postal order.

We prefer to invoice by e-invoice. If required, a PDF invoice by e-mail and a paper invoice are also possible.

Note! From 1.12.2020 paper invoices will be charged at 4,90€ / piece + VAT.

Pick-up orders

Frequent billing customers can request a consolidated invoice. In this case, purchases accumulated during the month will be invoiced at the beginning of each month. Collection orders should be collected within one week. Please report any delays when placing your order.

Orders to be picked up from store are paid in advance in the online shop. If possible, these will be placed in the pick-up machine.

For our billing customers, we offer the possibility to order pick-up on invoice.

Domestic deliveries

For e-commerce orders, we offer a variety of Post Office letter and parcel services as delivery methods. If your company wishes to use a different delivery method, please contact us or add the necessary information as a comment to your e-commerce order.

Deliveries abroad


About delivery times

All products displayed in the online shop and in stock are available from our own warehouse at Juurakkotie 5 B, 01510 Vantaa. If you need a larger quantity and are in a terrible hurry, you should call to check the balance for the day. We will reserve the products for you if necessary.