How to Change Your Account Email Address

Occasionally, email services stop working, but the old address continues to haunt various places. In such cases, it's a good idea to update the non-functional address here on the online store as well.

The following addresses should be changed: *, (free version)

You can do this yourself from your account settings or request us to do it on your behalf. Contact us via email at or use the contact form. Clearly state your old address and the new one you'd like it changed to.

If the new address you're using has somehow already been registered in our online store, send us a message.

Email Address Verification

You can easily check whether the new email address already exists or not by trying to create a new account (click here).

Account Already Exists

Changing Your Email Address

First, log in with your old address as usual.

Then go to the My Account / My Personal Information section (highlighted in red in the image below).

Enter your new, functional email address in the field marked in green in the image below, and check the box marked in red in the image below.

Finally, click Save.

Your account's email address has now been updated.