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Ordering outside Finland

Partco Pick-up store

Our store is located in Juurakkotie 5 B, 01510 Vantaa, Finland. You can shop in place or pick-up your premade web shop order.

All of our products are available at the store. We do however wish that you make orders beforehand using this web shop.

About phone numbers

0600 133 20 is for technical sales, product queries, etc.

0207 981 130 is for order information, customer service, invoicing, account issues.

Pick-up orders

If you want to pick-up on the same weekday, please place your order before 12 o'clock.

When ordering products for pick-up we will inform you by email when your order is ready. Pick-up orders are to be paid at the counter. In the case your order is urgent, please tell use using the order comment field. You should pick-up in a week after placing your order.

Pick-up orders are to be payed in advance.

Searching for products

  1. Most important tool for finding is the search bar.
  2. For finding semiconductors there's a special tips page.
  3. Please tell us if you can't find what you are looking for. Maybe we can help you.

Browsing products

  1. By default products are ordered by it's order code.
  2. For some categories there will appear a filter tool to the left column.
    1. Connector filters are mostly alphabetically ordered like first one in A, second one in B
  3. More specific info can be found By clicking product image or More Info button.

Stock availability

  1. In stock - the product is immediately available.
  2. Out of stock - you may order it, but we can't deliver it at this moment.

    It's also possible that goods should have been in stock but by the time we are processing your order, they're not. In that case we will contact you.

  3. Not available - we no longer sell this product.
  4. By request only - we do not keep these products in stock but we get it instantly when you order one. Usually it takes two to three (2-3) days for the products to arrive to us.

If there's no add to cart button available, the product is just for informational purposes. 

Reselling other distributors

  • Farnell
    • checkout a more specific description from here
    • your price is the Farnell Finland unit price multiplied by 1.25
    • prices are VAT excluded
    • orders made on weekly basis
    • please note the minimum order quantities
  • Elfa
    • your price is the Elfa Distelectric unit price multiplied by 1.25
    • prices are VAT excluded
    • orders made on weekly basis
    • please note the minimum order quantities
  • Yleiselektroniikka
    • your price is mostly the Yleiselektroniikka unit price
    • prices are mainly VAT excluded
    • orders made on weekly basis
  • Perel
    • your price is mostly the Perel unit price
    • prices are VAT excluded
    • orders made on weekly basis
  • Seeed Studio
    • checkout a more specific description from here
    • your price is the Seeed Studio Finland unit price with currency transform (1,00 USD = 1,00 EUR)
    • prices are VAT and customs excluded
    • orders made on monthly basis
    • please note the minimum order quantities and availability


  1. Without registration all prices are Finnish VAT included 24% (except for books 10%).
  2. If registered as a company, all prices shown are VAT excluded

Shopping cart

The cart content is kept in the shop database but key to it is preserved to your browser cookie. This means that you can only use the same cart from on browser even if you are logged in. Please note the new feature to save and restore your shopping carts after log in.


  1. If the product is out of stock or not available anymore, you will see it while in shopping cart.
  2. The current stock quantity is shown if you try to order over the available quantity.
  3. The checkout includes five steps:
  • login to your account or order without registration.
  • choose your delivery method: some products are pick-up only.
  • choose your payment method: cash on pick-up, prepayment using Paytrail, including credit cards and invoice.
  • order confirmation: last step to make adjustments 
  • after confirmation you will receive email notifications on various handling steps.
  • if we can't deliver right away, your order will be in hold. In this case you will receive an email.

The minimum order total is seven euros including VAT (7€).

Shipping fees

There are no extra costs for picking up your order. Almost all of our products are available by post or other delivery method. The ones not included are mainly hazardous chemicals and extra heavy or long items. 

Check out the delivery method and fees from our Delivery terms.

Order history from

The long lived web shop has been closed in 12.6.2017. If you wish to receive your own personal order history, please contact us using the contact form.

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to Partco newsletters?

You can subscribe to the newsletter when you create your account or later by logging in and going to the My Account / Your Personal Information section and ticking the box "Sign up for our newsletter".

To unsubscribe to the newsletter, follow the same procedure as above and untick the relevant box. Technically, some of our newsletter registers are not directly linked to the customer data of the online shop, so it is best to send a cancellation request by email to