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    • 4,22 €

      KEMO B003

      Flasher / alternating flasher (kit) for 6 - 12 V/DC for connection of small incandescent lamps (max. 300mA) or LEDs (not enclosed). Adjustable clock frequency: approx. 1 - 3 times per second.

      4,22 €
    • 4,71 €

      KEMO B015

      Generates a deep, noisy sound similar to the fog-horns of ships.

      4,71 €
    • 8,05 €

      KEMO B042

      After pressing the key the installed relay switches on for approx. 2sec up to approx. 5min (adjustable) and then switches off again.

      8,05 €
    • 10,53 €

      KEMO B045

      The kit switches on/off a relay at light and darkness (shadow). 

      10,53 €
    • 10,53 €

      KEMO B048

      Switches according to a preset temperature a relay on or off. Ideal as thermostat, ice alarm, fire detector, etc.

      10,53 €
    • 23,44 €

      KEMO B051N

      This instrument indicates gases such as alcohol, acetone, benzole, propane, carbon monoxide (contained in the smoke of fire). Perfect as alarm for gases and fire.

      23,44 €
    • 13,39 €

      KEMO B052

      Warship siren "Clear decks for action". In rapid intervals sounds a shortly swelling tone!

      13,39 €
    • 17,97 €

      KEMO B062

      This light barrier uses the IC U2531B and works with invisible infrared light beams. Transmitter and receiver included! Ideal for alarm systems, automatical animal picturing, remote control for garage doors, etc. With incorporated infrared filter for day operation!

      17,97 €
    • 5,95 €

      KEMO B081

      The matter is to pass a small wire loop through a thread wire with a lot of bends and obstacles. The person who touches the thread wire with the wire loop, will release an acoustic and optic signal. An interesting game for parties and for never-ending evenings.

      5,95 €
    • 12,15 €

      KEMO B085

      When installing into a hemispherical reflector (e.g. a plastic ball divided in halves) this highly sensitive microphone is able to record noises and speech from a distance of several hundred meters. Ideal for observing animals, for detectives, etc.

      12,15 €
    • 5,32 €

      KEMO B092

      2 differently coloured light emitting diodes will flash alternately. Adjustable flashing velocity. Usage: flashing adornments, name-plates, for miniature constructions etc

      5,32 €
    • 10,53 €

      KEMO B093

      After pressing a key this digital die indicates depending on chance a number between 1 - 6. Indication takes place via LED's.

      10,53 €
    • 23,44 €

      KEMO B119

      The converter makes it feasible to receive, for example, taxi radio, amateur radio, marine radio broadcasting, television sound, etc. through an ordinary FM-radio. The converter has simply to be placed within the antenna lead!

      23,44 €
    • 9,67 €

      KEMO B133

      Adjustable time switch for switching operations from approx. 1 sec. to approx. 40 minutes. The device switches on after pressing the key and switches off again when the adjusted time has expired. The lapse of time may be interrupted any time with the reset key.

      9,67 €
    • 18,60 €

      KEMO B156N

      Kit for FM radio. The integrated audio amplifiers can drive an 8 ohm loudspeaker > 1 W. Pre-assembled SMD IC's and pre-printed coils simplify assembly. The kit can be powered by a 9 V battery.

      18,60 €
    • 6,82 € In Stock

      KEMO B162

      For testing highly resistive and low impedance connections. An extremely low holding-wire current flows (< 10 µA). If the connection is conductive, the piezo buzzer hums. Also usable as rain indicator when the test probes contact water!

      6,82 €
    • 10,17 €

      KEMO B172

      Easy instructional kit for beginners ages 8 and up. The cables are not to be soldered, only screwed or twisted. The experiments are explained through illustrations and helpful descriptions. A 4.5 V - flat battery (not included) serves as current source.

      10,17 €
    • 5,95 €

      KEMO B182

      Small universal amplifier with a peak sound capacity of 2 W. A modern, low cost amplifier for many purposes. It works with an 8-pin DIP IC, the design is very small, so that this amplifier can be integrated into many devices.

      5,95 €
    • 4,71 €

      KEMO B185

      Electronic flasher unit for glow lamps. Also suitable as alternating flasher. Flashing frequency: approx. 1 - 3 x per second. Ideal for usage within miniature constructing! Together with the additional kit B197 is feasible to operate flashers with loads up to 3A current consumption!

      4,71 €
    • 4,71 €

      KEMO B186

      Electronic flasher unit with a great Ø 8 mm light emitting diode. For decoration, models etc.

      4,71 €
    • 4,59 € In Stock

      KEMO B189

      This generator produces ultrasonic sounds, which are adjustable within the range of approx. 8 - 35 kHz. It is said, that crawling and jumping parasites are banished through the ultrasonic sound. Frequency can be adjusted so that the domestic animal will not be disturbed.

      4,59 €
    • 4,59 €

      KEMO B192

      Whenever two bare wires have contact with water, the light emitting diode will light up. The device is suitable to release alarm in case of overflowing rain barrels and gutters. 

      4,59 €
    • 4,71 €

      KEMO B195

      With the aid of this circuitry it is made possible to carry out functional tests of infrared remote controls used in TV-sets and video devices, etc. Whenever there is radiation of infrared beams on the Special-Sensor, the LED will light up and indicate that the infrared remote control is operated.

      4,71 €
    • 5,95 €

      KEMO B197

      This relay card could be released with weak signals from approx. 5mA upwards and will then switch a relay with a heavy current contact of 3A. Ideal as switching amplifier for other kits, which have solely a light emitting diode as output and should switch other devices and machines through the relay contact.

      5,95 €
    • 12,15 €

      KEMO B207

      Poduces very life-like the wheezing and hissing of a steamer. Furthermore a steam whistle and steam bell may resound.

      12,15 €
    • 30,99 €

      KEMO B213

      With the enclosed optics and highly sensitive photodetector this light barrier has a max. range of up to 50 m! The infrared light ray is invisible for men. If the light ray between the transmitter and receiver is interrupted (if a person walks through it) the relay in the receiver switches.

      30,99 €
    • 13,63 € Out of stock

      KEMO B214

      An LED lights up if a body approaches the ultrasonic sensors at a distance of 10 - 80 cm (depending on the size of the body). Use: parking-in assistance for cars in garages, alarm signal for persons or animals staying in a certain area.

      13,63 €
    • 10,52 €

      KEMO B223

      With the infrared spotlight CCD- and video cameras may recognize objects also in complete darkness. The infrared light is invisible for men, CCD-cameras can see well with an infrared spotlight. Perfect for inconspicuous observation of entrances, drives etc.

      10,52 €
    • 7,19 €

      KEMO B239

      After releasing the push-button, the light signal rotates quickly at the 10 LEDs, slows down and then stops at random at one of the LEDs. During operation all LEDs shine except that LED that just receives the signal. That's why the luminous board looks very decorative.

      7,19 €
    • 8,06 €

      KEMO B243

      This device produces a high ultrasonic sound (approx. 23 kHz). Martens, mice, etc. find this sound extremely annoying and these animals will leave that place (most). Ideal for installation into cars (as protection against martens), in houses against mice, etc

      8,06 €
    Showing 1 - 30 of 30 items