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Industrial grade Arduino® development boards and SBC boards for IoT and control applications.

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Industrial grade Arduino® development boards and SBC boards for IoT and control applications.

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  • 135,10 € In Stock

    ARD ABX00042

    Original Arduino® ABX00042 - Portenta H7

    135,10 €
  • 380,60 € In Stock

    ARD ABX00043

    Original Arduino® ABX00043 - Portenta Max Carrier includes many different interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, USB-C, USB Host, and SD card reader. To be used with Portenta X8 or H7 boards.

    380,60 €
  • 90,02 € In Stock

    ARD ABX00045

    Original Arduino® ABX00045 - Arduino Portenta H7 Lite is a powerful microcontroller designed for professional use.

    90,02 €
  • 121,40 € In Stock

    ARD ABX00046

    Original Arduino® ABX00046 - Portenta H7 Lite Connected 2-core microcontroller board

    121,40 €
  • 271,44 € In Stock

    ARD ABX00049

    Original Arduino® ABX00049 - Arduino Portenta X8 is a powerful and versatile development platform designed specifically for advanced IoT applications. It is equipped with a powerful Arm Cortex-M7 processor for fast and accurate performance.

    271,44 €
  • 94,20 € In Stock

    ARD ABX00050

    Original Arduino® ABX00050 - Nicla Sense ME sensor board containing BHI260AP motion sensor, BMP390 pressure sensor, BME688 pressure, humidity and temperature sensor and BMM150 magnetometer.

    94,20 €
  • 129,60 € In Stock

    ARD ABX00051

    Original Arduino® ABX00051 - Nicla Vision is compatible with Arduino microcontrollers and can be controlled via the Arduino IDE. It offers a wide range of image processing functions such as image capture, recognition, tracking and analysis.

    129,60 €
  • 94,20 € In Stock

    ARD ABX00061

    Original Arduino® ABX00061 - Nicla Voice is a voice-controlled expansion board for the Arduino Pro family of microcontroller devices.

    94,20 €
  • 80,50 € In Stock

    ARD ABX00074

    Original Arduino® ABX00074 - Portenta C33 is a powerful and versatile microcontroller platform that offers developers a wide range of features and interfaces for industrial and IoT applications.

    80,50 €
  • 61,40 € In Stock

    ARD AKX00031

    Original Arduino® AKX00031 - Arduino Edge Control Enclosure Kit - This enclosure is specifically designed for the Arduino Edge Control module. The enclosure is made of durable plastic and includes slots for the power supply, connectors and other necessary components. The case also has holes for cable feed-throughs.

    61,40 €
  • 407,90 € In Stock

    ARD AKX00032

    Original Arduino® AKX00032 - Portenta Machine Control is specifically designed for industrial applications such as automation, plant control, equipment control and robotics. It is easy to use and its versatility allows the design and implementation of complex industrial applications.

    407,90 €
  • 276,62 € In Stock

    ARD AKX00034

    Original Arduino® AKX00034 - A remote monitoring and control solution, optimized for outdoor environments.

    276,62 €
  • 61,40 € In Stock

    ARD ASX00021

    Original Arduino® ASX00021 - Portenta Vision Shield - Ethernet is an expansion board designed to be compatible with the Arduino Portenta H7 development platform. The board has a built-in Ethernet interface that allows the Portenta Vision Shield to be connected to the network.

    61,40 €
  • 81,90 € In Stock

    ARD ASX00026

    Original Arduino® ASX00026 - Portenta Vision Shield - LoRa® is an Arduino-compatible expansion card designed for the Portenta H7 development board. The expansion card has two main features: a camera module and a LoRa® radio module.

    81,90 €
  • 99,60 € In Stock

    ARD ASX00027

    Original Arduino® ASX00027 - Portenta CAT.M1/NB IoT GNSS Shield is designed to combine the IoT and GPS functionality of the Portenta H7/X8 microcontroller. This expansion board is equipped with both CAT-M1 and NB-IoT modems, allowing the device to connect to mobile data networks and providing low power consumption.

    99,60 €
  • 62,20 € In Stock

    ARD ASX00031

    Original Arduino® ASX00031 - Arduino Portenta Breakout is an expansion board for the Arduino Portenta H7/X8 circuit board, designed for IoT applications. This expansion card allows easier connection to external devices and sensors with the Portenta board.

    62,20 €
  • 47,88 € 53,20 € -10% In Stock

    ARD ASX00049

    Original Arduino® ASX00049 - Prototype like a pro, add automation or raise the bar in robotics: Portenta Hat Carrier makes high performance easy for you

    47,88 € 53,20 € -10%
    Reduced price!
  • 770,70 € Out of stock

    ARD TPX00095

    Original Arduino® TPX00095 - Arduino WisGate Edge PRO is a powerful IoT router that is part of the Arduino Pro series. It is designed to provide developers with a versatile and scalable solution for implementing complex IoT applications.

    770,70 €
  • 293,30 € In Stock

    ARD TPX00098

    Original Arduino® TPX00098 - WisGate Edge Lite 2 is an Arduino Pro series IoT router designed for simple and complex IoT projects

    293,30 €
  • 183,90 € In Stock


    Finder 8A. - the unique new 8A Series of PLRs from Finder and Arduino. This model has RJ45 Ethernet connection but no wireless connections.

    183,90 €
  • 205,40 € In Stock


    Finder 8A. - the unique new 8A Series of PLRs from Finder and Arduino. This model has connections for ModBus Ethernet or RS485 industrial field buses.

    205,40 €
  • 209,00 € In Stock


    Finder 8A. - the unique new 8A Series of PLRs from Finder and Arduino. This model has RS485 Modbus, RJ45, Ethernet, Wifi and BLE network connections.

    209,00 €
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