Seeed Studio resale service

Order almost anything from Seeed Studio through us.

We operate as Seeed Studio reseller. You may order by us any products complying EU restrictions (products not containing hazardous chemicals).

We order mostly products marked as In Stock.

We order also products marked as Back Order but only if the availability date is under 3 months.

We order products marked as Out-of-Stock only when order value per product is over $100.

How to order from us

  • we make an order to Seeed Studio at least once per month
  • first check using webshop if the product is there
    • search using Seeed keyword
    • search using numeric SKU
    • browse whole selection (click here)
    • if product is found in, it's not under resale service
  • you may add the product codes to be ordered from Seeed Studio
    • typed in webshop order comment box
    • send us by email - if you want to include them with your fresh webshop order, please include the order identification string
  • information we need
    • Seeed Studio product SKU and name
    • ordered quantity
    • unit price shown in Seeed Studio web pages (price marked as 1+)
    • other matters to be concerned
  • please note possible minimum order quantities or multiples
  • our pricing goes like this:
    • final price per unit (EUR) = "Seeed Studio unit price in dollars" multiply by currency correction + VAT

Note! We will add an additional fee of 5,00€ (4,03€ alv 0%) to brokerage product order.

Note! There is no return policy for brokerage products.

Your order is binding. Processing may take several business days depending on service load.

Final price will be confirmed after delivery to us. We reserve the right to change the price.

If your order is to be shipped, we send you an invoice for prepayment. Order to be picked from Partco store is charged on-the-spot.