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Finder 1Y.GU.005.1 - GATEWAY gateway allows you to control YESLY and BLISS2 home automation devices via Wi-Fi.

GATEWAY Function

With Finder GATEWAY you can control your YESLY system remotely and your BLISS devices, wherever you are in the world. No more forgotten lights left on or roller blinds left open. It is always possible, any time and anywhere, to check their status and make changes if necessary.

Moreover, through GATEWAY it is even possible to manage your system through voice commands using the GOOGLE Assistant or AMAZON ALEXA.

GATEWAY connects via the 2.4GHz WiFi network of the home router. However, if your wireless connection goes down the YESLY system will continue to work with Bluetooth.

The SMART HOME GATEWAY has been designed to be small, elegant and very easy to install.

GATEWAY Features

  • Wifi connections
  • Control remotely
  • GATEWAY can be integrated with all existing YESLY system and BLISS devices


  • Check out the Finder YESLY Smart home automation system from here!
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Manufacturer's model1Y.GU.005.1
CompatibleFinder YESLY
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