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In addition to the existing voltage inputs, the new StromPi 3 can now be fitted with an optional, plug-in battery unit with a LiFePO4 battery, providing your Raspberry Pi with a rechargeable emergency power source. Unforeseen power failures are now a thing of the past!

The optional battery unit contains a special lithium iron phosphate battery that offers several advantages over a conventional lithium-ion battery:

  • Increased safety, as chemical self-ignition is not possible
  • A much longer service life
  • A greater temperature range
  • More charging cycles
  • The battery charges automatically during operation when connected to an external power source

The individual inputs can now be prioritised flexibly, allowing you to adapt the StromPi 3 optimally to your project.
With a voltage range of 6 to 61 V and a current of up to 3 A, the device can provide enough power even for larger projects.

The StromPi 3 now also features its own configurable and autonomous micro-system unit that can be used to provide programmable start/stop behaviour: Set your system to power up and shut down at predefined times to perform measurements or switch devices on or off.

With the in-built RTC (real-time clock), the time can be synchronised with the Raspberry Pi even when there is no Internet access. The StromPi 3 can now also be controlled via the serial port (battery charge status, voltage values of the inputs/outputs, control and configuration), making the device an absolute all-rounder.

Measures55 x 64 x 20 mm
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Manufacturer's modelRB-StromPI3


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