Grove Shield for micro:bit v2.0

SEEED 103100063

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Seeed Studio 103100063 - Grove Shield for micro:bit v2.0


As an extension board, the grove shield for micro:bit integrated 4 grove connectors on board and reserves extra 4 pin outs if users need more grove connector. Apart from that, we have also reserved some pinout that has special functions such as P0, P1, P2 that have touch function, so that you can build project like fruit piano. Or you can simple use crocodile clip to connect the pinout, just like what you can do on micro:bit. Thirdly, with the on-board micro USB interface, you can power micro:bit from the grove shield.


  • 4 Grove ports to cover different interfaces

  • Edge connectors for crocodile clip and 4mm banana plugs

  • On-board USB port to power up your micro:bit

Technical details

Dimensions72mm x72mm x13mm
WeightG.W 27.5g
DC InterfacesMicro USB x1
Grove InterfaceP0/P14,P1/P15,P2/P16,I2C
Grove ZERO InterfaceGrove ZERO x1
Logic Interface3V3/P0/P1/P2/P8/P12/P13/GND

Part List

Grove Shield for micro:bit v2.01



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ManufacturerSeeed Studio
Manufacturer's model103100063
Measures72 x 72 x 13 mm
CompatibleBBC micro:bit
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