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Electrician's Longlife folding ruler, 2 m


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Wiha 42068 - metric, 10 segments Tailor-made for electricians.

Product description

Electricians need to have several tools with different functional features at hand when fitting a flush box and pulling cables to ensure that they can complete their work quickly and efficiently. The universal electrician's folding ruler Longlife is able to perform not one, but several work tasks. This ruler impresses thanks to its integrated holder function for cables between 3 and 7 mm, making it easier to route them in difficult-to-access installation locations. The box distance scale for up to 3 flush boxes and edge distance marking at 150 mm bring another advantage to electrical installation work. Due to its orange colour, the ruler is quick and easy to find on construction sites, meaning no time is wasted searching for misplaced tools and no need to replace lost ones. It can also soon be found in poor light conditions with the help of the Wiha torch with a UV light. The bend-proof ruler also impresses thanks to its optimum long service life and absolute precision.


To measure and mark distances for flush boxes and pulling cables during electrical installation work.

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Manufacturer's model42068
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