Grove Relay 5A 250VAC

SEEED 103020005

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Seeed Studio 103020005 - Grove Relay 5A 250VAC

Note! Not for professional use. Do not use this device to operate mains voltage devices. Only for voltages under 50VAC/DC.

Grove Relay can handle the current up to 5A at 250VAC for long periods of time. When the relay is switched on, the LED will light up and the relay will allow current to flow. The peak voltage capability is 250V at 10A.


  • Operate voltage: 3.3V-5V
  • Input current: 100mA
  • Rated load: 5A@250VAC 5A@30VDC
  • Contact resistance: 50mΩ @6VDC 1A
  • Insulation resistance: 100MΩ 10ms Max.
  • Operate time: 10ms Max.
  • Release time: 5ms Max.
  • Input interface: Digital



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ManufacturerSeeed Studio
Manufacturer's model103020005
Measures42 x 24 x 18.5 mm
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